Toyota Mirai

Toyota is also investing in hydrogen.

Design – Mirai’s lines are focused on aerodynamics, skillfully blending elegant forms with a coupe-like profile. This allows the vehicle to have a very imposing presence on the road.

Powertrain – The Mirai’s powertrain consists of an electric motor capable of generating 182 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. The vehicle’s range is around 640 km, making it suitable for long journeys.

Chassis – The Mirai’s structure is entirely focused on passenger comfort. It features multilink suspensions at both the front and rear, ensuring passenger comfort in any situation. There are three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport.

Interior – The interior is designed with a minimalistic approach, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and reducing distractions while driving. There are two screens, one for the driver and one for the infotainment system.

Trims – The available versions are: Pure, Essence, and Essence+.