Nissan Ariya

The first full-electric SUV by Nissan.

Design – The Nissan Ariya features a very futuristic and innovative design. Starting from the front, you can observe the covered grille, as it’s an electric vehicle. The front headlights are distinctive, consisting of two units, one for daytime use and one for nighttime use, with the latter being retractable. There’s a strong reference to Nissan’s homeland, Japan.

Powertrain – The Ariya features a fully electric powertrain. There are two battery options available, with capacities of 63 kWh and 87 kWh. For the first option, there is 160 kW of power coupled with 300 Nm of torque, whereas the second option provides 178 kW of power and 300 Nm of torque. There’s also an all-wheel-drive E-4ORCE version available with the 87 kWh battery.

Chassis – The Ariya is available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive “E-4ORCE” configurations. It features a motor for each axle, providing greater agility and dynamism to the vehicle.

Interior – The interior design stems from a new concept. There are two screens, one for the driver and one for the infotainment system. The central tunnel can be moved horizontally, ensuring enhanced usability and comfort.

Trims – There are 3 versions available for the front-wheel drive motorization: Engage, Advance, and Evolve. For the all-wheel drive motorization, there are Advance, Evolve, and Evolve+ models