Lamborghini Revuelto

How a spark can make a V12 engine more powerful.

Design – The new Lamborghini Revuelto will be a junction between past and future of Lamborghini. The exterior lines creates a high-tech style that makes the new HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) the first of a new generation of supercars made by Lamborghini. The front and rear headlights are directly from the concept Sian, while the rear coverage is entirely made for the V12.

Powertrain – The only available powertrain is a Natural Aspirated 6.5L V12 with 3 eletric motors. This makes the supercar the first Plug-in hybrid vehicle ever made by Lamborghini. The ICE power output will be 814 hp while the electric one will be 187 hp, that makes a total of 1001 hp. The total available torque will be 595 ft-lb. It will feature an 8-speed automatic double-clutch transmission.

Chassis – The monocoque will be entirely made of carbon fiber, which will make the car 10% lighter than the Aventador. The rear part of the chassis, instead, will be made of high resistance aluminum alloys. The gearbox will be positioned transversely to the engine and will include one of the electric motors, while the other two will be positioned on the front axle.

Interior – The interior features 3 screens, with a screen for driver and one for the passenger, while the third will be for the infotainment and car settings. The hexagonal-shaped elements fulfill the junction between past and future of the brand.