Toyota Land Cruiser MY24

Back to the future for the new Land Cruiser.

Design – A robust look for the Land Cruiser. Indeed, it represents a return to its origins but with a practical concept known as “form-follows-function.” The top priority is given to the driver’s visibility, mainly achieved through a lowered grille and a horizontal dashboard.

Powertrain – The Land Cruiser features a 2.8-liter diesel engine capable of producing 204 horsepower and towing loads of up to 3500 kg. In 2025, a mild-hybrid version with a 48V system will also be available.

Chassis – The vehicle uses the GA-F chassis, which enhances off-road performance. It is 50% stiffer and has a 30% increase in structural rigidity, thus improving the vehicle’s safety, a crucial characteristic of the Land Cruiser. It comes with electric power steering to reduce the impact of shocks on rough surfaces, along with a disconnectable front anti-roll bar that enhances drivability on uneven roads. The Land Cruiser is equipped with an eight-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission paired with a system that adapts to any road condition.

Interiors – The dashboard features a horizontal layout, with switches designed for ease of use on challenging terrains. There are two screens, one for the driver and one for the infotainment system. The infotainment screen will allow the driver to view the surrounding terrain through a high-definition display and cameras positioned beneath the chassis, thereby improving visibility on rough terrains. The Land Cruiser will offer the choice between a 5-seat configuration or a 7-seat configuration.

Trims – At the moment there are no informations about it.