Nissan Qashqai

The 3rd generation of the SUV brings a new motor technology in Europe.

Front and Rear lights – On the frontal there is a new version of the V-Motion grille, which is now bigger and cromed. The front lights and the daylights are full LED, the same as the rear lights, that guarantee a 3D effect, thanks to a particular graduated drop optics that gives this effect. Also, the turn signals are LEDs.

Powertrains – The Nissan Qashqai is moved by a MHEV petrol engine, that gives a very good drive sensation. There is the regenerative breaking, that produces energy during the deceleration and storing it in the battery. It can be used to optimize the torque erogation or, if the version is Xtronic, to give energy to the car’s electric implant if the speed goes under 18 km/h (11 mph). Available the E-Power powertrain, which will be the main object of a future article.

Chassis – The CMF-C platform permits a precise placement of the suspension and a great reactivity during the steering phase, resulting in a better car control for the driver, even in the most difficult paths.

Interior – The interior look makes a new standard in the segment, with high levels of comfort and usability. The infotainment is made of a central display of 9-inches, where is possible to access all the navigation and infotainment functions. It’s compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The new 12.3-inches TFT multifunction display is positioned in front of the driver, with the possibility to choice its function between navigation, traffic updates and vehicle information. There’s also a Head Up Display (HUD) of 10.8-inches, that projects information on traffic state or driving assistance right in front of the eyefield of the driver, enhacing the safety while driving.

Versions – The Qashqai presents, two MHEV powertrains and an E-Power one. The MHEV powertrains are available with manual and 2WD transmission with a power output of 138 hp(140 CV) or 155 hp(158 CV). There’s a third choiche, an automatic 2WD/4WD transmission with a power output of 155 hp. The E-Power, instead, is only available with 2WD transmission and a power output of 187 hp (190 CV).