Nissan E-Power

The perfect union between ICE and electric.

Unveiled with the 3rd generation of the Qashqai, this exclusive technology of Nissan can redefine the meaning of hybrid car. Let’s see why.

Structure – The E-Power powertrain is made by an ICE, which generates the electricity that goes to the battery and then to the electric motor, who gives motricity to the car.

How it works -So the movement of the car is assured by the energy created by the petrol engine. When the battery is fully recharged, the engine shuts off, so the car has minor fuel consume and minor use of its components. There’s also the regenerative braking, that results in a minor use of the braking system and in a recharge of the battery.

Pros – One of the pros is the possibility to travel without the obbligation of planning the route in function of the recharging station, because the only refill needed is the petrol one, giving more relax to the driver. There is another vantage, the lower running costs, generated by the greater MPG and the presence of less components respect to the MHEV version. There is also the istant torque generated by the electric motor, like the one on the electric cars.

This are the benefits and the prospective of the E-Power technology, who opens new doors to a more environment friendly driving.