Maserati Grecale

The Maserati’s D-Suv is ready to hunt the German SUVs.

Design – The design of the Grecale represents a new look for the brand. Its sculpted lines fuse with a futuristic and audacios look. It also embraces a new paradigm of luxury made of tradition and innovation, where every detail has a purpose. The front lights are derived from the Maserati MC20 while the rear ones are inspired by the Maserati 3200 GT.

Powertrains – The Grecale comes on market with 4 different powertrains: an inline 4 cilinder mild hybrid that generates 300 of 330 hp and a V6 Nettuno, the same of MC20, that generates a power output of 530 hp. Later will be introduced on the market the full-electric version, Folgore, which will be the main object of another article.

Chassis – The platform used is the same of Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the Giorgio. It has been modified in some points, starting from the suspension. In fact, as optional, are available the air suspension, that can be calibrated on six levels and, when the car is parked, they changed height to make easier get in and get out of the car. The prop shaft is made of carbon fibre and there is an extensive use of materials like aluminium in order to make the car more light and achieve a top-class speed and acceleration. Are also available 4 different drive modes: Offroad, Comfort, GT and Sport. Only for the Trofeo version, there’s another drive mode called Corsa, which increases the performance by making the gear change faster and the pedals highly responsive.

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Interior – The Grecale’s interior are part of a radical change of the interior look. Starting from the driver’s perspective, there is a 12.3″ TFT Cluster that ensures full visibility in any condition, alongside the HUD that shows key driving and navigation data and safety warnings. Then there are three screens: the first is the central display, a 12.3″ screen that gives access to navigation, media, driving modes and various car settings. Under it the second screen, called “Comfort display”, a 8.8″ display where is possible to change the settings of seats, climate and the screen of the third display. It is the clock at the center of the dashboard, and gives information on time with the possibility to became a compass, a g-meter and a chronometer, all by changing the theme from Comfort display.

Trims – The available trims are: GT, Modena and Trofeo. GT comes with a L4 and a power output of 300 hp while the luxurios Modena has a power output of 330 hp with the same engine. The Trofeo, the most powerful trim, has the V6 and a power output of 530 hp.